I found the Coronet Flashmaster at the local antique market last month and got my husband to get it for me for Christmas. It’s a simple, point-and-shoot, medium format, bakelite camera from 1950s with no settings whatsoever. I thought I’d run a test roll through it, to double as a test roll for a new batch of C41 developer/fixer that I was going to mix. The film I used was Kodak PPF 100 that expired, oh, only 12 years ago.

Obviously, I’d forgotten a lot about C41 processing after not doing any of it since last summer. The results show that many things that could go wrong during the processing did go wrong. But thanks to the crappy lens on the camera and the light leak in the top left corner, I still like some of the shots anyway. Hope you do too! 🙂

And thanks to this roll, the second roll of film I developed with this batch of developer/fixer this morning turned up just perfect. Can’t wait to scan and share!



Glad you liked the coronet i bought one in the 50s from my mums catalogue with flashgun use blue bulbs inside i had a wonderfull time with it at school at the youth club and village events being praised by the chemist also a photographer and my my school i used it at work when i left school into the 60s still have photos in albums and camera it was my 2nd camera and still useing it alongside 35mm and digital

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