The Sawyer’s Nomad 620 is a rather bulky, bakelite camera with cool-looking design on the front plate (Google Images). It was made in the USA in the 1950s, I believe. The camera’s manufacturer was the original maker of the View-Master line of products! I find that last piece of information rather interesting.

The camera takes some pretty sharp pictures despite its plastic build. Check out my Flickr set for samples. I’ve only used this camera once because, well, it takes 620 film and I’ll need to respool 120 film to use it, which I’m always too lazy to do. Too bad, huh? The picture above of vintage water skis in the boathouse up at the cottage is actually one of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken on film.

I must’ve got this camera from an antique mall because it doesn’t look like the kind of camera I’d get off of eBay. I only buy the more popular cameras from eBay because they usually come with a hefty price tag at antique malls. The least popular cameras are usually the other way around. Priced unreasonably on eBay (they’d call it RARE) but come cheap at antique malls. Go figure!

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